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Book:  ReAwakening

Book: ReAwakening

SKU: 364215376135191

Bringing you back to your Authentic Self


Welcome to your Self Healing Experience.

Specifically designed for women suffering from the Agony, Torment and Misery of Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.


Healing is a painful process. It makes you feel and process all the things you have been avoiding, suppressing, and running from. You are going to unleash Pandora’s box. However, Pandora’s box also contains hope. Please remember that you can do this, and that healing is not linear. It is crucial to have a healthy and safe environment/community to support and sustain you. Your happiness, joy, peace, and empowerment are worth every heart wrenching moment. Start out by crawling and soon you'll be soaring. I hope that you will enjoy your reawakening journey.

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