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Gratitude Journal:  ReAwakening

Gratitude Journal: ReAwakening

Bringing you back to your Authentic Self


Welcome to your Self Healing Experience.

Specifically designed for women suffering from the Agony, Torment and Misery of Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.


Healing is a painful process. It makes you feel and process all the things you have been avoiding, suppressing, and running from. You are going to unleash Pandora’s box. However, Pandora’s box also contains hope. Please remember that you can do this, and that healing is not linear. It is crucial to have a healthy and safe environment to support and sustain you. Your happiness, joy, peace, and empowerment are worth every heart wrenching moment. Start out by crawling and soon you'll be soaring. I hope that you enjoy your reawakening journey.


Amy Egan is a Licensed Master Social Worker. She is a mentor, therapist, and international public speaker. Amy is an expert in her field of excellence. She has worked with a variety of populations including homeless youth, youth in care, human trafficking survivors, and domestic violence survivors. She is an event volunteer at Long Island Feline Adoption Center. Her kindness and compassion extend to all living things. Amy has an uncanny ability to ignite and inspire others to be their authentic self. She has a warm and amiable personality that assists others in feeling safe, relaxed, and at ease. Her life purpose is to shine her light so bright that it empowers others to awaken to their own light.

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