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Seek professional help anytime you need additional support. Meeting with a professional, therapist, mentor, psychiatrist, or spiritual leader who can assist you at every step of this process. You may register for sessions with me or another professional.

There is no reason to be ashamed of needing additional support. The greater the quality of your community and support system, the more efficiently you can heal.

Healthy and safe support systems are understanding, compassionate, and respectful. They also promote growth and expansion. I invite you to share what you have learned about yourself with those around you. Encourage others to go on their own healing journey. This way you are immersed in a community and culture of healing.

Healing is a painful process. It makes you feel and process all the things you have been avoiding, suppressing, and running from. You are going to unleash Pandora’s box. However, Pandora’s box also contains hope.

Please remember that you can do this, and that healing is not linear. It is crucial to have a healthy, safe environment and community to support and sustain you.

Your happiness, joy, peace, and empowerment are worth every heart-wrenching moment.

Start out by crawling and soon you'll be soaring.

I hope you enjoy your reawakening journey.

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