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Trauma, Anxiety & Depression-Learn To Overcome!


Do you sometimes panic? Feel sad? Have you experienced a traumatic event?

Past trauma often causes anxiety and depression that may linger for many years to come. Tonight on The Shayna Show Live, learn to heal with Licensed Master Social Worker, Amy Egan!! To get the reminder notification of future lives, click that subscribe button on the ShaynaMelissa YouTube channel-it's FREE!

More details-

Has a trauma caused you to suffer from anxiety or depression? Are you suffering lingering effects from trauma?

Past trauma may cause your current anxiety and depression.

It's not your fault! Your past does NOT dictate your future! You can overcome and not only survive but thrive!

There's no shame in getting help. Experts can help you stop reliving the past & be HAPPY in the present!

Tonight, Shayna Melissa Stockman, The World Wellness Expert TM, will host another episode of The Shayna Show Live, streamed to her YouTube channel called ShaynaMelissa. Tonight's episode may help you Overcome Anxiety & Depression Caused By Trauma.

Tonight's special guest is a Licensed Master Social Worker, Former Therapist, mentor, international speaker, and best-selling author, Amy Egan. She too had these problems until learned how to heal herself. Now, she helps others do the same. She works with a variety of clients i.e., homeless youth, survivors of human trafficking, and domestic violence. Amy also volunteers at the Feline Adoption Center.

Her kindness and compassion extend to all living things. Amy has an uncanny ability to ignite and inspire others to be their authentic self. She has a warm and amiable personality that assists others in feeling safe, relaxed, and at ease. Her life purpose is to shine her light so bright that it empowers others to awaken to their own light.

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Shayna Melissa's multi-author book, Overcoming Life Obstacles (OLO)-Real Stories by Real People, contains a story about-"Don't look back because you aren't going that way!" The inspirational, motivational, and transformational stories in OLO can empower you to overcome your similar struggles and do so at an expedited pace by learning from those who have been there and done that. OLO reached the #1 international bestseller!

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